Today #loss#babyloss#miscarraige#lonely#feelings

All i want to do is lay in bed with the duvet over my head. I feel so lonely its like i can feel my body being over taken with this strong feeling. I wish i could just say to my friends or family why havnt u messaged me or come and seen me. I lost a baby im not a monster.

I know people dont always know what to say but anything would be nice. Its like once people say sorry for your loss thats it and when people say if theres anything i can do?? Like really what can u do nothing u wont even talk to me. 

I hate the world loss as my baby died i didnt loss the baby. 

This is just my venting as i need to get it out.


Author: rachelsjourney1234

This is my journey on reaching my rainbow. I have had 5 early losses, 1 ectopic pregnancy,1 failed ivf and i am currently going through a miscarraige i lost last weekend at 9 weeks.

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